Forward Models - Modelling Birmingham's fine buses
Promoting Birmingham's forgotten masterpiece on wheels
Birmingham bus enthusiasts have formed a new association to promote interest in the best bus in the world. Named after the motto on the coat of arms, the Forward Association is an on-line society devoted to promoting the 'Birmingham Standards'.
By 1952, Birmingham City Transport had bought 1,747 new buses to replace its entire fleet. The first new buses had exposed radiators but, in 1950, they introduced the ‘New Look’ covered radiator which gave a more modern appearance.
Derek Perry, who has set up the society, promises to bring together all those who are nostalgic for these iconic buses. He said: ‘I am still a Brummie at heart, and this is the best way of celebrating my home town.’
Joining the association is free. Go to our contact page. Membership will give you access to the website and you will be sent a regular email newsletter.
Members can also become paid supporters for only £5.00. They will receive occasional free gifts in addition to the newsletter, and invitations to special events at the Museum of Transport at Wythall, near Birmingham, where you can see 'our buses'.
A well-remembered request bus stop.
You can also help us get one made by buying a 'Birmingham Bus Bond'. Go to our 'Bus Bond' page.
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