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Hello partners

If Forward Models is to achieve its aims, it needs partners with skills and funders to support its development. Perhaps you are in the trade already? Or an enthusiast? If you would like to know more, ask for our prospectus of funding and partnership opportunities. From the smallest ‘mini-bond’ investment to a trading partnership.

Forward to 2016

We are planning our new range of models for 2016. They will be ‘tin front’ types as produced in the 1950s and used by many municipalities. We are drafting designs for Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Coventry and other cities. Each will be available with a range of destinations.
    This new series will be produced at intervals and our range will grow over the next two or three years. You can support these efforts by investing in Forward Models.

Buy a 'Forward' mini-bond for just £500
Each bond costs £500 which we will invest in new models. And you get a free model of your choice instead of interest. Your mini-bond will be repaid at face value after 18 months - or re-invest it and get another free model!
   Wherever you come from, there could be a local bus coming your way! Buy your 'Forward' mini-bond NOW at our online shop.
Become a 'Forward Models' sponsor
If you would like to invest larger amounts in 'Forward Models', consider one of our sponsor bonds. Your sponsor bond will help to fund the production of a whole batch of buses. You will receive free models AND interest. And the value of your bond repaid in full.
  • Sponsor Bond 64 costs £1000 to produce 64 buses.
  • Sponsor Bond 325 costs £5000 to produce 325 buses.
  • Sponsor Bond 660 costs £10000 to produce 660 buses.

Find out more
Before making an investment, we will supply full details, a prospectus describing the bond, and a business plan for Forward Models including financial information.
    Our bonds cannot be traded and they are not regulated by any financial authority. You are advised to consult a financial adviser before making any investment.
Please write to:
Forward Models (Birmingham) Limited,
59 Ling's Coppice, West Dulwich, London SE21 8SX.
 Or email: Or give me a call on 07971 456760. If you are thinking of sponsorship, I am happy to meet you.
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