Forward Models - Modelling Birmingham's fine buses
INVEST in Forward Models

This is your opportunity to make a great investment, and support bus preservation!

Forward Models is now four years old and has depended on supporters who have bought our bus bond to help us manufacture our models. We have raised thousands of pounds in this way when it has been difficult to get bank funding.
We are relaunching our bonds in order to raise funds to produce new models (including Salford and Coventry models). We are also looking at how we might produce new models in future with a new casting.
Be a 'Birmingham Bus' sponsor.
Your sponsorship bond will help to fund production of a batch of buses. You will receive free models AND interest.
  • Sponsor Bond 64 costs £1000 to produce 64 buses. .
  • Sponsor Bond 325 costs £5000 to produce 325 buses. .
  • Sponsor Bond 660 costs £10000 to produce 660 buses. .
You can also  invest smaller amounts.
Buy a 'Birmingham Bus' Bond for just £100.
Each bond costs just £100 which we will invest in new models. And you get 10% plus £10 off the price of a model.
Buy your Bus Bond NOW at our online shop.
Find out more
Before making an investment, we will supply full details, a prospectus describing the bond, and a business plan for Forward Models including financial information. You are advised to consult a financial adviser before making any investment. Please write to:
Forward Models (Birmingham) Limited,
Unit C11.2, Parkhall Trading Estate,
40 Martell Road, London SE21 8EN.
Or email: Or give me a call on 07971 456760. If you are thinking of sponsorship, I am happy to meet you.
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