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You can buy our models via, Ebay or Amazon (prices may vary). New models at new prices. Older models on sale until end of April for £20 each.

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Forward Models, 59 Ling's Coppice, London SE21 8SX.
Manchester Daimler
Route 95 to East Didsbury NEW.
Price: £52.50
Glasgow Daimler 1955
Route 11 to Yoker NEW.
Price: £52.50
Newcastle Daimler bus
SPECIAL OFFER! £20 only. Slight seconds. KVK 969 on route 2 with adverts for Tizer and Isaac Walton.
Price: £20.00
Edinburgh Daimler bus
GSF 999 on route 11 to Fairmilehead adverts for Tern shirts and Drinkapintamilkaday.
Price: £20.00
Hull Daimler bus
KVK 971 on route 50 with adverts for Hull Breweries and Littlewoods Pools.
Price: £20.00
Birmingham HOV Daimler
HOV 809 on route 60 with adverts for Bull Ring shopping and Smarts sausages.
Price: £20.00
Birmingham GOE Daimler Route 12
With adverts for Schweppes and Black & White whiskey.
Price: £20.00
Daimler New Look MOF 225
With adverts for Elkes Biscuits and Hercules Cycles. Route 24 to Warstock.
Price: £20.00
Guy Arab LOG 301
A one-off experimental lightweight body on route 44 to Acocks Green. Co-operative and Littlewoods adverts.
Price: £20.00
West Midlands WMPTE Guy Arab JOJ 613
Route 90 to Pheasey Estate with 1970s ads for Prudential and Gold Leaf.
Price: £20.00
Guy Arab WMPTE MOF 58
Walsall route 15 with Visionhire and Vernons adverts. Note unique yellow roof.
Price: £20.00
ReCollect Models WW1 B-type bus
SPECIAL PRICE. En route to Amiens. Painted khaki and sent to France. Hand finished, may vary from photograph.
Price: £21.00
ReCollect Models WW1 ambulance Renault type
Hand finished, may vary from photograph.
Price: £15.50
ReCollect Models Foden Steam Lorry
Used for heavy transport.
Price: £18.00
ReCollect Models Morris Ambulance
Scale c.1:65. L=9cm
Price: £12.50
ReCollect Models Mack Ambulance
US Army, called "Bulldogs"
Price: £18.50
ReCollect Thorneycroft Ambulance
Scale c.1:50. L=11.5cm
Price: £18.50
ReCollect Crossley Lorry
With load and tarpaulin.
Price: £19.50
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