Forward Models - Modelling Birmingham's fine buses
A nostalgic look
at an iconic bus
We all know about the Routemaster, but I am more impressed by the buses that I grew up with in Birmingham in the 1950s. The picture shows two of them in Chapel Lane, Selly Oak. They are both 'Birmingham Standards'.
I remember sitting in one at the very same spot, next to the Bundy clock. I was with my Dad and I must have been about ten years old. He explained to me why the lights went out when the driver started the bus. He knew a lot did my Dad. I've loved these buses ever since. And I have been able to produce a model of the Crossley on the left (among others). 
There was no such thing as the 'Birmingham Standard'. The title referred to the double deck body which was specially designed for Birmingham Corporation Transport (BCT). Based on pre-war versions, it was used on several types of bus when the entire fleet was replaced after World War II. Mainly produced by Metro-Cammell, other manufacturers included Brush and Crossley.
Even this standard body had variations. The original body, built to high coachwork standards in two main sections, was eventually built in one section from sheet metal, and grew a foot longer.
The 'tin front' was not the standard bus either. I prefer the title 'New Look' as more stylish and modern. Other manufacturers provided chassis such as Leyland, Guy, Daimler. You can still see a few of these buses at the transport museums in Wythall and Aldridge (Aston Manor RIP).
There will soon be fifteen diecast scale models of these iconic buses made by Forward Models. Plus a bus stop and Bundy clock. And you will be able to add your own destination. Click on 'Shop online' for details.
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