Forward Models - Celebrating the 'Birmingham Standard' bus
Pre-production models
with factory paintwork

We have just received the first proof copies of all five of the model buses we are producing. And we like to say we love the results!
Of course, some adjustments are still needed. But, judge for yourself by taking a look at the photo gallery. These pre-production models are being studied and comments are being sent to the factory so that they can make improvements.
This also means that we have a better idea of when they might be delivered. We don't want to make announcements that go wrong. So, let us just say that we are confident that supplies will arrive during the summer.
We are hoping to launch the models at Wythall Transport Museum, where one of the prototypes is kept. All our supporters will be invited!
So, now is the time to get your orders in! Preferably with a payment - this has been an expensive project and we still needs funds tio guarantee deliveries on time. Go to our 'Shop Online' page. Or even consider buying a 'Bus Bond'.
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