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New products 
*Bus stops, shelters and Bundy clocks
*Your local route on your local bus
*Edinburgh, Newcastle and Hull buses
Five new bus models ware now available, adding to the ten already in the Forward Models' fleet.
The new models are all Daimlers, based on the Crossley type. Some were sold to Edinburgh, Newcastle and Hull and so will be presented in red, yellow and blue liveries. The new models are:
- EDE-11 Edinburgh GSF 999 Tern advert
- EDN-12 Newcastle KVK 969 Tizer advert
- EDH-13 Hull KVK 971 Hull Brewery advert
- EDB14 Birmingham GOE 571 Schweppes
- EDB-15 Birimingham HOV 809 Bull Ring
Left: A Birmingham Daimler, due in 2014.
Left: An Edinburgh Daimler.
AVAILABLE NOW! Bundy clock and bus stop
An unmistakeable piece of street furniture during the 1950s and 1960s was the ‘Bundy Clock. These were time recorders and each bus conductor carried their own so they could record the progress of their journey.
    Forward Models will be producing scale versions to add to your layout, along with a bus stop and bus shelter, all in typical BCT style and colours.
    Buy them as a kit to paint and finish yourself. Some will be available painted and finished.
IN STOCK NOW! Add your own route
We can now offer sets of waterslide transfers for extra Birmingham routes to apply to our models. What was your route?  
    Each pack will provide four sets of routes and destination blinds, grouped in geographical areas. Priced at £2.50 per set, post free.
Sets are available for tin fronts.
BCT North: 5 Perry Common; 40; 53 Stechford; 66 Pype Hayes.
BCT South: 18 Northfield; 21 Weoley Castle; 50 and 62. 
BCT East: 14, 37 Hall Green; 56 Castle Bromwich; 58 Sheldon.
BCT West: 3 Ridgacre Lane; 10, 12 Bartley Green; 20.
BCT Circular: 8 Inner Circle; 11 Outer Circle; 19 City Circle; 30.
We can also supply any of our 'New Look' buses with any of these routes to you choice. Only £1 extra! See our special page to order that special gift before Christmas.
PRESS AND WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES: For more information, photographs, order forms, contact Forward Models on
456 760.
To order models, please use this website where you can pay with PayPal. Or call 07971 456760 to pay with your debit or credit card. 
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