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Moving memories
GLORY DAYS of the municipal bus!
Do you remember the buses from the 1950s and 1960s? With engines at the front and entrances at the back?

Forward Models will be producing high quality die-cast metal collectors' models of these buses from several British cities including Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Coventry and Rotherham. We have already produced models of buses from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Hull and Newcastle.

Our buses were seen in cities that still ran their own bus fleets. They carried traditional liveries, and bore the city coat of arms with pride. We hope to produce Manchester and Glasgow models by the end of the year, with your help and advance orders!

Order them NOW at a discount for only £42 inc postage. Your order will help us to raise the funds necessary to start production. Or, invest in one of our mini-bonds for free models and a percentage return! You can invest from £125 to £5000 or more. See next page.

Manchester bus - artist's impression    Glasgow bus - artist's impression
Artist's impressions of our Manchester and Glasgow models.
Models in the series so far are Aberdeen (CRG 175), Cardiff (LBO 524), Coventry (KVC 128), Lancashire United, Manchester (NNB 264), Glasgow (FYS 536), Rotherham (KET 200) and West Bromwich (PEA 187).

How about a BLANK model? Not a kit but a fully assembled model painted in base white. Yours to detail and repaint in your preferred livery. 

Birmingham City Transport buses on longer routes

Birmingham's longer bus routes.Outer circled
Our range of Birmingham buses is now available with ‘longer routes’. On special order only - direct from us via this website.
    The famous ‘longest bus route in Europe’ – Outer Circle number 11. Or the cross-city 29A. Or the one that ventured outside the city boundaries to the Black Country via West Bromwich – the 75. All on ‘tin-front’ Daimlers or Guy Arabs. 

The longest bus route in Europe.NGB-0711 BCT Guy Arab New Look (JOJ 935) on route 11 Outer Circle with Drinkapinta and Dulux adverts (as photo).
NGB-0829 BCT Guy Arab New Look (LOG 301) on route 29A to Baldwins Lane. One of the ‘lightweights’.
NGB-0675 BCT Guy Arab New Look (MOF 225) on route 75 to Wednesbury via West Bromwich with Elkins and Hercules Cycles adverts.

Our B-type bus
commemorating World War 1
HISTORIC OBA in diorama CROP 1543x1229We are pleased to announce our B-type bus from WW1. Dozens were commandeered by the War Department in 1914, sent to France and painted khaki. Our model is a repaint of the Oxford Die-cast models, with detailing added by hand. Models may vary from photograph.

We have also produced a number of ambulances, lorries and other vehicles used during the conflict. Each model is hand finished and weathered by our resident artist, Andrew Smith, an expert in camouflage and mud! Each model is individually priced.May be packed in original boxes or in our replacement cartons with our own labels. Code 3 repaints. Order through this website or look for them on Ebay (Seller: Brainiac007). Prices are Suggested Retail Prices, postage extra. See our shop for prices direct from this website.

Main illustration:  OBA-120 First World War bus in khaki ‘Ole Bill’. A repainted Oxford Diecast B-type bus with added detail and weathered. Presented in new ‘War Department’ packaging. Scale approx 1:64. £27.50.

ARMY 130 MCV Staff car #1

MCV 1914 Vauxhall staff car. A repainted Matchbox ‘Models of Yesteryear model scale 1:47 approx 10 cm long. As used in the Middle east. Dusty and sandy. About £16.50. 

ARMY 127 MAR #2

MAR-133 WW1 Renault ambulance. A repainted Model of Yesteryear. Scale 1:38. 10 cm long. Weathered. Price about £18.50. In original packaging.

ARMY 792 MLC #2

MLC-130 1918 Crossley military lorry. A repainted Matchbox ‘Models of Yesteryear model 10 cm long, scale 1:47. Price £18.50. 

current bus range by operator and route

EDB15 LHS 3Q 749kb CROP

NGS-02 Birmingham Standard Guy Arab JOJ 548 As preserved. Adverts for Haig and the Co-op. No.9  Quinton.

NGB-0711 BCT Guy Arab New Look (JOJ 935) on route 11 Outer Circle.

EDB-14 Daimler CVG6 GOE 571 route 12. Schweppes and Black & White whisky.

NDB-06 BCT Daimler New Look (MOF 225) Route 24 Warstock with Elkins and Hercules Cycles adverts.

NGB-0829 BCT Guy Arab New Look (LOG 301) on route 29A to Baldwins Lane. One of the ‘lightweights’.

NGB-07 BCT Guy Arab New Look (JOJ 935) Route 41 to Turves Green with Drinkapinta and Dulux adverts.

NGB-08 BCT Guy Arab New Look (LOG 301) Route 44 to Acocks Green with Co-op and Littlewoods Pools.

EDB-15 Daimler CVD6 HOV 809 on rte 60. Bull Ring shopping and Smarts sausages adverts.

NGB-0675 BCT Guy Arab New Look (MOF 225) on route 75 to Wednesbury via West Bromwich.

NGW-10 rte 15 3085 LHS LWMPTE (West Midlands) BUSES

NGW-09 WMPTE ex-BCT Guy Arab New Look (JOJ 613) Route 90 Pheasey Estate. Prudential and Gold Leaf.

NGW-10 WMPTE ex-BCT Guy Arab New Look (MOF 58) Route 15 Walsall (yellow roof - see photo). Vernons and Visionhire.



EDN-12 Daimler CVD6 in Newcastle yellow. Ads for Tizer / Isaac Walton. Route 2 to Walker. Also available with route 7 (Wardley), 8 (Central Station) or 11 (Tynemouth).
SPECIAL OFFER £25. Go to shop.

EDH-13 Daimler CVD6 in Hull streamlined blue. Hull Brewery and Littlewoods. Route 50 via Market Sq. Also available on route 15 (Chanterlands Ave).
SPECIAL OFFER £25. Go to shop.

EDE-11 Daimler CVD6 with ‘Birmingham’ body in Edinburgh madder and white. Route 11 to Fairmilehead. adverts for Drinkapintamilkaday and Tern Shirts. 

Waterslide transfers
We now offer a range of bus side advertisements, as used on our own models. Also coats of arms. Ask for a list. However, our packs of Birmingham destinations are sold out.

We can now also provide alternative routes for your Edinburgh, Newcastle and Hull fleets.

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To order models, please use this website where you can pay with PayPal.
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